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Our Brand

We are woman owned and operated.

We make 100% vegan products.

We make everything in our homes.

We are based out of Amelia Island, FL

We love to make people feel beautiful.


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We are all Anastasia Bones.

Behind The Name...

We all have this yearning and passion to become a better and sexier version of ourselves - but we are all afraid and too insecure to pursue "Better" and "Sexier". Anastasia Bones is what destroys our fears and insecurities . Anastasia Bones is the voice in your head that says things like "wear the high heels"  and "I look GOOD in this little black dress". Anastasia Bones is your alter ego. The voice inside you that bought the sexy dress that has been sitting in your closet, unworn, for over a year because even though the mirror at the store said it looked great, by the time you got home, your insecurities said it "shows too much skin". Today, it is  Anastasia Bones who decides what looks good. Anastasia Bones will always conquer your fears and insecurities. Anastasia Bones wears whatever she wants, whenever she wants, wherever she wants. Anastasia Bones has attitude but oh-so much compassion. Anastasia Bones will wear things that no one else is wearing, she will say no to animal cruelty - but yes to animal cuddling. Anastasia Bones doesn't believe that her closet ever goes out of style. Anastasia Bones is everything you have ever wanted to be.

You, are Anastasia Bones. 

Some photos from the _anastasiabonescout

The Women Behind the Clothing...

Bones (Center) is our brand creator, owner and designer. She is 24 years old and has a passion for clothing and making women feel beautiful. Bones worked retail from the age of 18, where she quickly climbed the ladder to a managerial position at her favorite clothing store. After being in retail for three years, she realized she was losing her passion for it. So with the encouragement and support of her partner Charlie, she quit her job to start her own brand. Her goal was to provide a brand that gets women to love their closet, love themselves and love others. All while being ethically made and using purely vegan materials. With the help of her sister Ally (Right), they created their first pair of Bloomers for adults. It was a lot of trial and error but they were in love with the finished bloomers. After a few short months of designing and creating, Bones decided they needed more help. That was when her other sister Elizabeth (Left), jumped on board. We also have had Mama Bones (Bones' Mother) on board since the beginning and we hope to continue to grow and hire many more women across the country!